What is involved?

All patients will receive the same tests; some simple tests (following best practice) and a specialist test (usually completed in hospital if the patient is referred to urology).
* For more information on the aims of the study please see the links to the PriMUS Patient Information Sheets below*

Benefits of entering the study

- You will have a thorough investigation of your urinary symptoms      within a few weeks of seeing your GP.
- You will receive a high street shopping voucher to a value of £30      to cover any travel expenses incurred whilst taking part in the           study.

Risks of entering the study

All men will have a urodynamics test, after which you may experience some side effects including;
- A little blood with the urine when you pass water for the first time,
- Bladder infection (5 in 100),
- Urine retention (less than 1 in 100).


- You do not have to enter the study if you don’t want to; consent is    voluntary!
- If you do not want to enter the study, your care will continue as         usual.
- Your data will remain confidential.

Information Sheets